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*I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to give a positive review.*

Hannah Townsend has life all figured out, or so she thinks. When some shocking news quickly derails her getaway vacation (and relationship) with her boyfriend, Miles, Hannah finds herself on a journey back home with friends both new and old. After returning to her hometown, Hannah works to help her ailing Gran with her flower shop, The Memory Keeper, as well reconnect with her past and find a new way forward into the future. 

Jenny Hale has a nice flowing writing style that I like. I enjoyed several aspects of the book - the town (reminded me a lot of where I grew up) and many of the side characters like Gran and Georgia. I also really enjoyed the integration of Gran's journal into the story. Normally, I don't care for that sort of thing, but I think it worked in this book. I did struggle with the character of Hannah. She seemed inconsistent to me. For example, she would sometimes talk about God and sometimes about "the universe." She was also quite pushy in how she dealt with both Ethan and Liam. The relationship of Hannah and Liam didn't fully work for me, especially the hotel scene in the beginning. It seemed quite out of place. If Ethan hadn't been married, I think he and Hannah would have made a better match.


Overall, I thought this book was just okay. It had some flaws, but it also had a nice pg-13 Hallmark feel to it. I think most who frequent the romance genre would still enjoy this book.

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