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SSD Painting Series #5: It Matters

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

The line from this painting comes from Truth Be Told. In this movie, Oliver is dealing with the revelation that his father (Joe) is not his birth father. Oliver has long-held anger against Joe and believes in this scene that Joe has left. In conjunction with this, he is reminded of his mother leaving him as well as his ex-wife Holly (with whom he has just gotten closure). Oliver and Shane discuss Joe on her porch, where Oliver is trying to adjust the porch swing. After Oliver reveals that Joe has left, Shane states, "I have no plans to leave, if it matters." Oliver responds, "It matters." Ironically, prior to this movie, Shane has already tried to leave at least twice in the series, the first in the Pilot and another time in From Paris with Love. But that is not the case anymore. Shane is able to reassure Oliver that, unlike his mother and Holly, she is sticking by his side. She is an incredible support to Oliver in this movie. Her steadfastness is pivotal to Oliver, who has already experienced so much abandonment. In return, he is able to share just how important Shane's presence is in his life, by affirming that "it matters." 

This phrase also prompts us to take a look at our own lives. Who matters to us? To whom do we matter? It reminds us that it is not necessarily about the things we do for those we care about - it's not always about making a grand gesture. Sometimes, the most loving act we can do, is to simply be there, to be present. Many times, especially after our darkest hours, we look back and see who was there with us all along. Perhaps it is was family member, a friend, or a coworker. In reality, it doesn't matter who was standing there with us, all that matters is that they were there. And of course, regardless of the people in our lives, we can remember Oliver's speech in For Christmas, and know "that the One thing that matters in this world will never let go of [us]."

Disclaimer: Signed, Sealed, Delivered and all associated characters/dialogue/stories belong to Martha Williamson and Crown Media.

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