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Best of ShOliver - Part Two

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

8. It is a DateOne in a Million

After a disastrous sort-of-not-really-what-the-heck-is-this "date" at Montaldo's, Oliver and Shane struggle to define exactly what their relationship is...or isn't. We see caution and a bit of awkwardness return. And then something clicks within Oliver and all of a sudden he is assertive, decisive, and BOLD. When speaking with Shane at the retirement party, Oliver recalls, "And what good is a letter if one never mails it?" This transports us back to his conversation with Dudley Curly, where he said, "You have to mail the letter and risk whatever happens next. Otherwise, nothing happens." Oliver realizes he has to take a risk with Shane. We know he's guarded; he's been hurt many times before. However, Shane has proven herself time and time again to be worth that risk. After the resolution of the incident with Mr. Curly, we see a new Oliver, an enlightened Oliver. He steps forward and finally declares, "It is a date." This time, there is no confusion and no room for second guessing or misinterpretation. Oliver and Shane finally have an open line of communication and I think Shane's smile says the rest.

(It's. About. Darn. Time. Alternate theory behind Oliver's newfound brazenness - he clearly saw the staggering chemistry between Shane and Kimsicle and knew he needed to act fast before Lester stole her away! =D )

Gif Credit: Alameda & Downing Blog/Crown Media/Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

9. The Chapel SceneLost Without You

Us POstables know that the chapel scenes in SSD are always extraordinary and will most likely leave us reaching for the tissues (or maybe our cat's fur if no tissues are nearby...*cough*)! This one is no exception. The scene comes after a Divine Delivery in which Oliver and his father, Joe, were rescued from their failed camping trip with the help of Sandy (a contract working dog the POstables tracked down in order to reunite her with her handler, Topper). During the horrible ordeal in trying to locate Oliver and Joe, Shane has a spiritual awakening and turns to God. Following their rescue, Shane again finds herself drawn to God in the chapel at the hospital.

Oliver joins her and says, "Well...I, uh, certainly didn't expect to find you in here."

Shane responds, "Neither did I. I was just so...grateful."

After this, Oliver begins one of his famous monologues: "When I was up on that mountain, I was so afraid. I was afraid I was gonna lose my dad. Afraid that I might not get off the mountain. Afraid that I had waited too long to start my life over. Every woman in my life who truly mattered has broken my heart. So I learned to stop taking chances, because I never wanted to feel that way again. But last night, when I thought I might not see the sun rise, I started to pray. I prayed for the chance to live long enough to be here right now to tell you that I hope our first date isn't our last...." He later continues with, "And I'm also ready to tell you that I know you don't believe in miracles-"

Shane touches his face and then says, "You would be surprised what I'm starting to believe."

Oliver tenderly kisses her hand before adding, "Thank you for saving my life." Shane then rests her head on his shoulder and the scene ends.

Literally EVERYTHING about this scene and dialogue is amazing. Let's also not forget that "And So it Goes" is playing in the background, adding a whole new level of intimacy to the moment. In the chapel, we see Shane and Oliver's hearts knitting together. Shane draws closer to Oliver by beginning to share in his faith and Oliver draws closer to Shane by being vulnerable and voicing exactly what he was feeling emotionally. This whole exchange is incredibly beautiful and is such a key moment for them in their relationship.

(Puffs and Kleenex should be the official sponsors of Signed, Sealed, Delivered.)

Gif credit: Giphy (@l_oakman)/Crown Media/Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

10. The Kiss on the Steps - Higher Ground

Okay. I'm going to say something that's hopefully not too controversial, BUT...I believe that this scene is WAY underrated. In fact, I believe it to be JUST as wonderful as their second kiss. Now, I know what you're thinking, "But this kiss is off-screen! We don't even get to see it!" While this is true, I don't think it diminishes the value of this scene. But first, before we go any further, we need to back up a bit. Shane and Oliver finally have their first real date. Unlike their previous dinner at Montaldo's, this time they are both (finally) in concert. They joke, laugh, and smile (and gosh it is SO GOOD to see them like this). As they leave, they exit into the rain. They begin walking up a set of stairs when suddenly Shane stops and slowly pulls Oliver back down to where she stands, her eyes never leaving his face. As they kiss, we see her hand slowly grasp the metal railing and tighten, as if she just needs something to hold on to while her breath is being taken away. I don't even know how to explain it, but there is something remarkably sensual about how this moment plays out. From the camera angles, to the lighting, to the music in the background (or maybe just that fact that the rest gets left to our imagination...) - it get's me every time. 

(Someone please call 911 and get the AED, because I may need to be resuscitated now that my heart just exploded.)

Photo Credit: Alameda & Downing Blog/Crown Media/Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

11. Kiss in the DLOHigher Ground

With Shane's sudden departure to help Steve on a mission, a new wrench is thrown into Shane and Oliver's relationship, causing a rift. When Shane returns, she questions why Oliver moved her desk. Now, Shane isn't oblivious. I think she knows very well why Oliver moved her desk. Instead, she seems to be brazenly manipulating him (again) to say the actual words. She challenges him, "Steve says you never really say what you mean." After Oliver confesses that "[her desk] was hard to look at every day," she further prompts him, "So you mean you missed me." Oliver follows this with more less-than-clear dialogue and, to be honest, gets a little salty when he claims that he did not believe that she was "in concert" with him.  This launches Shane into a emotional tirade, where she begins to show Oliver all of the letters she wrote to him while she was away (and oh my goodness the look on his face as she does). In the midst of her speech, he grabs her hand and pulls her in and kisses her as she drops all of the letters. They had both been reacting from the hurt and frustration of being apart and (once again) not communicating what they were feeling. However, Oliver's bold move silences those emotions and brings them back from their doubt to the truth, reaffirming their relationship once again. By a show of hands, how many of you replayed this scene over and over again? ;)

(For someone who loves words, Oliver sure has a hard time getting them out. I mean, we can't all mean what we say when we say it and mean it now can we? PS: Steve if you're looking for a girlfriend, my sources tell me that Holly is single and ready to mingle!)

Gif Credit: Tenor (@mrsroadpack)/Crown Media/Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

12. BoyfriendThe Road Less Traveled

The POstables are on a road trip! Unfortunately, Shane is battling some personal struggles on the trip. She begins receiving messages from Alex, her estranged sister. Oliver sees one of these messages, but does not know who Alex is, and so confronts Shane. She responds to his question by asking, "If I tell you that I'm not ready to talk about it yet, will you trust me?" He affirms that he will and she follows this with, "Can we still hold hands while I'm working things out?" Oliver responds, "I'm not letting go." This is a huge step for Shane and Oliver. They have held a lot of doubt and insecurities over past relationships...Holly, Dale, Steve, Lester (kidding!). Of course, Alex is not a male suitor, as Oliver most likely suspects. Still, Oliver chooses to trust Shane, which is pivotal for them.

Later, after all is revealed and Shane finally gathers the strength and courage to call her sister, Oliver is at her side for moral support. As Shane talks to Alex, Oliver eagerly whispers, "Tell her you have a boyfriend." There's something very cute and boyish and a little un-Oliver about how he does this that always makes me smile! 

(But is it really official if Oliver doesn't have Facebook to update his relationship status?)

Gif credit: Giphy (@POstablesSquad)/Crown Media/Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

13. Wedding DressTo the Altar

Shane is trying on a wedding dress she saved from the unclaimed items auction. When Oliver walks in and sees her in front of the mirror, he quickly realizes what was in the box he had seen her carrying earlier. He stands there for a moment, watching her with a sort of half-amused/half-stunned look on his face. But it gets better. He walks up behind her and begins to button up the back of the dress. That gasp/catch in Shane's breath when he does? Yeah, pretty sure we all did the same! Shane then makes a poor attempt at explaining why she is suddenly clothed in a wedding dress in the middle of the DLO. I find it interesting that Shane is overly flustered, while Oliver is perfectly at ease. This is ironic because it is a complete role reversal of their exchange shortly before when Shane seductively whispered "I love it when you get all Ms. McInerney on me" into his ear (brazenly manipulative once again!). As we know, Oliver catching a glimpse of Shane in the wedding dress prompts a lot of "contemplating" as he beings to see their future in a new light.  

(Girl, please. You are talking to a singing postal detective philosopher. He does not believe for one second that you are going to turn that wedding dress into a cocktail gown.)

Photo Credit: Media/Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

14. The ProposalTo the Altar

Ah, the proposal. Shane had heard the story earlier from Oliver and Joe on how " O'Toole never wears an ugly green tie. Unless, of course, he's planning to propose." As we enter into the beginning of Norman and Rita's wedding, the front of Oliver's shirt is cleverly hidden until the moment Shane reaches the altar and turns to face him. And then we, right along with Shane, see that tie. That beautiful, ugly, green, plaid tie. And then, we know what's coming...

Outside, after the ceremony, Oliver proposes using the words of the story: "Don't look at my tie, look at my eyes and listen to my heart. Marry me and I will love you forever and I promise that I'll never wear this tie again." Of course, Shane says yes! Then, she pulls him in by that tie for another amazing ShOliver kiss. I don't think I need to say any more, my heart is full! 

(PSA to all men. Ugly green ties are now IN.)

Gif credit: Giphy (@POstablesSquad)/Crown Media/Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

I hope you've enjoyed this first installment in my "Best Of" series! I had so much fun writing it. Shane and Oliver's journey has been long, but beautiful, and we have learned so much from them along the way! And, POstables, let's face it, it doesn't get any better than these ShOliver looks...

(Dang it! Kami, Kaycee - grab the mop. I'm toast.)

Gif credit: Giphy (@POstablesSquad)/Crown Media/Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Disclaimer: Signed, Sealed, Delivered and all associated characters/dialogue/stories belong to Martha Williamson and Crown Media.

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