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10 Reasons I Love My POstables Family

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Hey there POstables! This is another special post for you. I have been greatly impacted by the fine individuals in this group and I wanted to compose a little post on what makes you all so amazing! So, here are 10 reasons I love the POstables family (in no particular order).

1. POstables on the Go trips!

It’s no secret that members of various fandoms unite on the internet to discuss their favorite shows, characters, and plotlines. But for the POstables, the relationships forged from our mutual love of Signed, Sealed, Delivered go beyond online friendships to real world connections. We have this awesome family on Twitter where we interact with each other every day, but POstables from all over the country have actually gone outside of this virtual world to meet one another in person! We like to refer to these infamous trips as #POstablesOnTheGo. It’s so amazing to me. In fact, if I didn’t see it literally happening before my very eyes, I’m not sure I would believe that something as simple as a movie series could have this effect on people (of course, POstables know that SSD is so much more than just a “simple movie series”). I had my first POstables trip last November! Looking forward to witnessing many more POstable adventures in years to come.

*disclaimer* Please stay safe and take universal precautions whenever meeting someone from the internet!

Gif credit: Alameda & Downing Blog/Crown Media/Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

2. They are Prayer Warriors.

Got a prayer request? Who you gonna call? The POstables! It’s true. If you have a prayer need, the POstables will be there for you! Literally all you have to do is ask. I love how our POstables community has become a spiritual network for one another. It’s incredibly comforting to know that there's always someone you can turn to who is willing to pray for you. And for the POstables, its so much more than a nonchalant “I’m praying” from someone that is subsequently forgotten. Oh, no. When you ask the POstables for prayers, they will often check in on you or remind you that they are thinking of you on particular day. (Also, if you ever plan to go off-grid unexpectedly, you may want to give your POstables peeps a courtesy heads-up. They may or may not be concerned enough to send a search party for you…only slightly joking here!) Hands down, the POstables are the ultimate prayer warriors.

3. They are Kind and Encouraging.

The POstables are some of the kindest people you will ever meet, virtual or otherwise. In fact, one of our fearless leaders holds the honorary title of “POstables Princess of Kindness” *cough*Amanda*cough.* Some of the nicest things that have been said to me have been by the POstables - people who had not even met me. I have found so much encouragement and support from them in different situations and endeavors. I’m sure the rest of the POstables feel the same way. It isn’t even something that should be that remarkable, but in today’s world it certainly is. Thank you POstables for being a beautiful example of how to love your neighbor.

4. They are talented.

There are some talented folks in this group! More specifically – writers! We have POstables who write books, poetry, blogs, and fanfiction. In addition to our writers, we have a very musical group! Quite a few POstables are in formal choirs and even those who aren’t can always join in the POstables Choir as we sing along to the awesome music from the movies.

5. POstables are Dedicated.

The POstables are probably the most dedicated fanbase out there! We have been called several times “a force to be reckoned with” and it’s absolutely true! The POstables will always stand together to support and promote SSD. Don’t even question it - it's a guarantee! We make sure our voice is heard on social media to make sure Hallmark knows how much we love the series and want it to continue! Also, every Friday, there is a rewatch group that watches through the movie series and chats on Twitter. It’s such a fun experience, especially when you are relatively new to the group, because you’ll have the veteran watchers who know a lot of the behind the scenes information or will just point out something that you’ve never noticed before. It’s great!

6. They Got Great Merchandise!

Oh yeah, we got that merchandise! Maybe it’s just my generation, but I love swag. Special shout-out to @HallmarkiesPod (especially Kaycee aka @hallmarkmywords) for providing us with our very own special line of merchandise (via TeePublic), including shirts, mugs, stickers, and pillows! If your interested, you can find it all here. There are even some other merchandise options through sellers on eBay!

7. The POstables are a family!

#WhatAFamily, am I right, POstables? The POstables have literally become a family, for many of the reasons I’ve already described. I remember when I first posted on Twitter about finding the SSD series. Then, it happened. That’s right. The POstables found me and engulfed me in POstables love and welcomed me to the family! It’s been so beautiful to witness how we continue to grow and support one another.

8. The POstables are Diverse.

The POstables are united by a common passion but are an amazingly diverse group. We span generations, time zones, countries, even languages! POstables come from many occupations and walks of life. It’s an amazing experience to be connected to people from all around the country and the world. To converse with them and learn from them. To pray for them and them for you. Again, that connectedness is truly special.

9. They Make Me Laugh!

I love to laugh and the POstables have brought me many laugh out loud moments! If I’m having a rough day I can count on my POstables to cheer me up or make me smile. And I gotta give a special shout out to Paula Harp (@pkharp), who often cracks me up with her witty humor. I’m sure the other POstables agree!

10. They Challenge and Inspire Me.

When I first joined the POstables, I embarked on a SSD themed painting series. Prior to that series, I only dabbled in painting every now and again. It’s hard for me to do creative activities without the proper inspiration. SSD provided me with that inspiration and the loving support of the POstables and their positive feedback gave me the encouragement to keep sharing my paintings. Same goes with this blog, really. I’ve always wanted to do a blog, but I never really had the right platform to really make it happen. Knowing I had the support of the POstables helped give me that nudge to finally go for it. At the very least, I knew they would be an audience for my words, because a blog without an audience is basically just a diary! I’m glad I started the Beneath Still Waters blog. I have had fun writing posts and it keeps me writing even when I’m not working on that pesky novel I can never seem to finish. :p

So what about you? Any reasons you’d like to add? Any stories you’d like to share? Let the world know why you love the POstables family!

Disclaimer: Signed, Sealed, Delivered and all associated characters/dialogue/stories belong to Martha Williamson and Crown Media.

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