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Butterfly Sisters is the newest book by Jenny Hale focusing on an imperfect family in desperate need of restoration. Leigh Henderson and her sister Meredith have never seen eye-to-eye, but when their mother invites them back to their late Nan’s cabin for some important news, their already complicated relationship takes on even more strain. Already struggling with losing her job and reuniting with her childhood crush, Leigh searches for a path forward to purpose, healing, and peace.

I found this book to be interesting and was draw in by the complex family dynamics that are highlighted here. This was not a perfect family by any means, which is something we as the readers can really relate to. Many conflicts arise throughout the book with both the family and between Colton and Leigh and I really appreciated how they were all resolved by the end.


While Leigh was the main character (and I could see bits of myself in her), I particularly found myself drawn to Meredith. I would love a sequel focusing on her life and journey!


This is my third Jenny Hale book and I think it is my favorite so far!

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